How to Maximize Storage to Keep Houses Tidy and Clean

Home Storage Design

If you feel you have never had enough storage at home even though there are lots of drawers and cupboards, it might depend on how you store things and organize them. All the storage space in the world will not help if the items inside are really messy.

Think you don’t have enough storage in your home? If there are gaps or gaps not used, then there is plenty of room to develop. Get creative ideas on how to maximize storage by utilizing the space in your home. This time we will share tips and tricks for maximizing home storage to always look neat. Well, what can you do?

Arrange Items in the Storage Room

First, you can remove all items in the warehouse and sort out items that can still be stored and reused, as well as which items have been damaged and cannot be used.

DIY Storage Ideas
DIY Storage Ideas – Source:
Group Large and Small Items Separately

After sorting the items in the storage room, try to group items according to their size and function to make it easier if one day you need them. As much as possible, arrange goods in the storage room so that each group of goods can be accessed easily when needed.

Take advantage of Cabinets and Storage Racks

The use of cabinets and storage racks also makes it easy to access when you want to collect things and makes the home look more presentable, unsightly and easy to clean.

Home Storage Design
Home Storage Design – Source:
Take advantage of Storage Containers with Labels

To be more organized, it never hurts to put storage containers according to their group and add label stickers based on their function or type so you can find certain items quickly without having to disassemble the containers one by one.

DIY Best Storage Ideas
DIY Best Storage Ideas – Source:

That’s an easy way to maximize the available storage space in your home so that the house still looks neat.

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