75+ Best Small Modern Home Design Idea On A Budget

Small Modern Home Design Ideas 797

The house is a residential area for the family. Many people need various models of shapes and design residence in modern times today require occupancy for residential areas. The construction of a minimalist house that is cost-effective and straightforward is fascinating to apply to Small House Design. The reason why […]

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85+ Amazing Brutalist Architecture That Can Fascinate You

Brutalist Architecture Ideas 755

In the mid-1950s, which also coincided with the end of World War II, renowned architects such as Le Corbusier, Peter and Alison Smithson, Erno Goldfinger, and Patrick Hodgkinson began building high buildings using only raw materials intended for government and social housing. The word brut itself comes from the French […]

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35+ Awesome Bathroom Tile Ideas For Beautiful Home

Bathroom tile ideas 1935

The bathroom as one of the basic elements of a residence or apartment building, hotels, and other buildings not only limited to basic functions; Bathing, defecating and so on. Today with technological advancements that cover in all areas including buildings, building materials, home ware and home remodeling and software advancements […]

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40+ Best West Elm Modern Buffet Ideas For Storage Solutions

West Elm Modern Buffet 1321

‘Buffet’ is derived from the French language whose initial meaning is ‘furniture like a cupboard consisting of several shelves and usually used to display plates.’ The term is also absorbed in our language referring to similar cabinets as ‘buffet.’ The Frenchman who started the style served a variety of dishes […]

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35+ Amazing Tropical Landscaping Ideas To Make Beautiful Garden

Tropica Landscaping 3315

Proper garden furniture and plant species, can set the tone for an extraordinary atmosphere, a refreshing place. You can start gardening your memorable adventure, or you can hire a landscape architect to help provide advice. In designing the park, you must be fun, relaxed, and experience. Green labyrinths, rock paths, […]

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35+ Amazing Futuristic Architecture That Can Inspire you

Futuristic architecture 3037

Architecture is a system of building construction including the design process, construction, structure, and in this case, also concerning aspects of decoration and beauty. Architecture has an aesthetic purpose But unfortunately, this aesthetic goal leads to a less real life situation, and today many of these houses function not as […]

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