Try an Open Kitchen Design That Will Make Your Cook More Comfortable

Semi Outdoor Kitchen Design

For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the house. Not only do parents spend hours every week cooking, but children also go to the kitchen bar to enjoy snacks after school or even do homework. The importance of the kitchen in daily activities means that it can feel uncomfortable to simplify the space so that it fulfills a minimalist aesthetic.

If one looks more closely at the historical evolution of the kitchen, the most prominent development is the circulation of the purpose and place of the kitchen premise in a home setting. From a highly functional room, usually installed behind the house or under all other rooms in the basement, the kitchen becomes an attractive premise located at the heart of the composition of the house.

Semi Outdoor Kitchen Design
Semi-Outdoor Kitchen Design – Source:
Minimalist Open Kitchen Unite with the Living Room

You might be able to apply this to make the kitchen more unique because it unites with the living room. Many people do not like it because usually, the odor in the kitchen can spread to the living room. But with this open concept, the smell from the kitchen will not enter the living room.

Minimalist Kitchen With Large and Open Windows

Do you want to have an open minimalist kitchen? If your kitchen has a good view, there’s no harm in making that view part of the open minimalist kitchen you have.

Wonderful Minimalist KItchen ideas
Wonderful Minimalist KItchen ideas – Source:
Open Minimalist Kitchen With Skylights

Skylight is one of the right choices to make a minimalist open kitchen atmosphere brighter. The amount of natural light that enters the minimalist open kitchen will also help reduce the humidity in the kitchen.

Minimalist Semi-Outdoor Kitchen

This open minimalist kitchen is designed in a pavilion that blends with the garden in the house. In the absence of walls and high ceilings, this minimalist open kitchen design feels like one with the environment.

Beautiful Semi Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
Beautiful Semi Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Source:

Now that is some open kitchen inspiration, which you may never have applied to your home.

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