How To Decorate Home With Plants In Space To Be More Fresh

Indoor Plants Design Ideas

Whether you just moved in or just redecorated, these ideas definitely give you some inspiration. Ornamental plants are fun because they often involve easy DIY crafts and creative expressions. Painting plant stands, making decorative ornaments and arranging floral arrangements are just a few examples of how to make generic indoor plants yours.

Ready to experiment with house plants? If so, we would like to share our favorite home plant display ideas and design inspiration with you. With options for every size and species, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you, whether you want to inject life into the living room.

Indoor Plants Design Ideas
Indoor Plants Design Ideas – Source:
Bag-Shaped House Plant Design

It looks like a plastic bag that is left to expand, the plant pot is actually made of clay that is shaped like a plastic bag. At first glance, it looks very similar, especially its shape can be made in different sizes and bulging at the bottom.

Take Advantage of a Variety of Geometric Ornamental Plants

The geometric decoration is popular nowadays, including for potted plant designs. The design is very minimalist but can add aesthetic value. The color is plain without any motive or picture. The shape is a cube, there is a hexagonal.

Color Variations For Each Plant To Look More Beautiful

For those of you who want simple but not boring shades, try to use color variations like the inspiration above. The shape is simple, elongated round like a pot in general. However, the lower area is given a colorful paint accent and the upper area is left exposed with a gray base.

Indoor Plants Design Ideas
Indoor Plants Design Ideas – Source:
Awesome Indoor Plants Ideas
Awesome Indoor Plants Ideas – Source:

Potted plants do not always have to be left functional without adding aesthetic value to the room. From all the inspiration we’ve given, look at the matching with your room design.

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