Unique And Creative DIY Home Decoration From Unused Goods

DIY Decoration Ideas

Some living room designs to apply comfort with straightforward designs may inspire you to give style and trends. Many people from both rural and urban areas, especially those in metropolitan cities where the air has begun to hot choose the design of the living room. From here we will explain an update about the design of the living room that is the current trend and popular.

Do you have items that you no longer use and store them in warehouses? Used goods are sometimes overlooked, even though we can use these used goods. With the creative process of used goods, you can process it as home decoration or as a container for equipment in your home. Now, for you to save money and hone creativity, by utilizing used items that can still be used that you leave it as your home decoration.

DIY Decoration Ideas
DIY Decoration Ideas – hgtv.com

Maybe you ask what used items you can use as unique home decorations. Used items such as newsprint, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles can be made into home decorations that will add to the beauty of your home.

Want to know what items and can be used as a tool or any decoration that is useful in your home? Please note the creative ideas below:

  1. A Creative decoration from a tissue roll
    The cardboard roll you can use again and decorate to put some things. You can use it as a pencil case, painting tools, kitchen utensils, laptop or cellphone charger cable, or even as a shoe rack.
  2. Make Tissue Holder from Used Newspapers
    Newspapers that accumulate in your home can be used to make a tissue box. To make it, you only need old newspapers, tape, scissors, and glue. First, you can wind up as much newspaper as you can with the same amount in each roll of the same length and then arrange and glue it together. Furthermore, after enough to form a box or rectangle according to the shape you want by using duct tape. Cover with a cardboard hole where the tissue is pulled out.
  3. Creative cardboard owl decorations
    The first step you must do is first choose cardboard paper that has been cut and thinned and then rolled rounded like a bird’s body and eyes. The combined spheres use strong paper glue. To make a good eye effect, you can add marbles as the bird’s eyes.
  4. Creative Crafts Decorative Lighting
    To beautify your living room, add decorative lights. Decorative lights you can make from used cardboard
  5. Wall Clock From Used Newspapers
    Roll the old newspaper and fold it in half. Make a hole using a needle and insert the thread. Newspaper rolls at point a, then arranged using yarn to form a circle. The CD is then placed in the middle of the circle and give the number on the CD. Install the clockwork with the hands. Insert the watch battery and make sure the wall clockworks. Wall clock from old newspapers is ready to be installed in your living room, dining room, or your bedroom.

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