You Need Minimalist Swimming Pool Garden Inspiration, See These Ideas!

Minimalist Backyard Swimming Pool

Building a pool in your backyard can be a thrilling experience. It is every homeowner’s dream to be able to have their own swimming pool, where they can swim and float in the privacy of their yard. When considering the first steps in your pool construction project, there are many things to consider. What is your pond design like? How much space is available? Should you combine pool waterfalls?

Swimming has always been a favorite sport for many people. Swimming is not only healthy, and has many benefits such as shrinking the stomach, exercising muscles, and increasing height, it can also be refreshing. Most people who like to swim, usually channel their hobbies by swimming in public swimming pools which can be found easily.

Minimalist Backyard Swimming Pool
Minimalist Backyard Swimming Pool – Source:

For those of you who dream of a minimalist garden and pool, create a minimalist pool garden that suits the concept of your home.

Minimalist Garden Ponds That Look Modern

You can apply this minimalist pool garden design to the back of the house by making plots for plants that you will plant. Leave a plot that will be filled with water for a minimalist pool.

Minimalist Pool Gardens Like Blue Sea Water

As if emerging from the world of imagination, turquoise blue color in this minimalist pool garden is reminiscent of the color of the water in the deep sea. Put blue ceramic on the bottom of the pond to give the illusion of color. then for the edge of the pool, you can add natural stones and various flowers.

Swimming Pool Design ideas
Swimming Pool Design ideas – Source:
Minimalist Pool Garden Design With Natural Rock Elements

The next minimalist pool garden design inspiration is a design using elements of natural stones. After the pool is finished, you can add natural rocks on each side of the pond. Let the lotus flowers grow in fish ponds to make it look more like a lake.

Swimming Pool With Natural Rock Ideas
Swimming Pool With Natural Rock Ideas – Source:
Modern Minimalist Garden Pool With Fountain

This minimalist pool garden is located near the family room or relax. The distinctive color of the industrial gray walls and stones with matching colors make it look modern.

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