20+ Amazing Polycarbonate Architecture You Must Know

Polycarbonate Architecture 171

If you’re looking for a material that’s lighter, stronger, and less expensive than glass, Polycarbonate can be the best alternative. The choice of transparent or clear material is very limited and dominated by glass. Plastic materials can improve the deficiency of glass materials. But not all materials made from plastic […]

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20+ Amazing Architectural Rendering You Have To Know

Architectural Rendering 221

Amazing Architectural Rendering. The architecture itself is a science and art in designing and designing buildings and structures. In essence, Architecture aims to create a space for human needs. The design and design of an architect have certain characteristics of usability, robustness, and beauty. In terms of art, architecture is […]

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25+ Best Photos Blend of Architecture with Art Nouveau You Should Know


Photos Blend of Architecture with Art Nouveau. At this time it was a revolutionary movement where there was a strict barrier between pure art and art. Art Nouveau focuses more on the concept of understanding modern life and methods of production. Artists are required to be creative from architecture to […]

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